Day 3 – Snowboard Instructors Orientation

Well, this is my third day at the ski resort, it’s for my Orientation, there were around 12 ski and snowboard instructors, it was around 1 degrees Celsius, the snow guns were pumping, there were about a foot of snow in some parts, and 2 new chairs were still being built.  We had a tour of the ski resort, saw the wolves and bears, the ziplines, the helicopters.  My new friend told a story of his experience in Australia.  In ski schools customers usually tip after a well-taught lesson.  My friend taught a private lesson to this extremely wealthy family for 5 days straight, servicing their every need, be available whenever they needed him, for ski related as well as other tasks such as dry cleaning, tours around the area, and introduced them to local favorites in the area.  When they ended their last lesson, all he received was a simple thank you.  He was really upset that he did not receive a tip and started swearing at the customers when they were leaving, saying out-loud how ungrateful they were.  He stormed into the office after awhile, and waiting for him at the front desk was an envelop with his name on it.  Inside was a great sum of money from the family he just taught.

Another friend told a story of how during one of his group lesson, another instructor pretended to be a customer and came running at him and gave my friend a load of cash in front of all his students.  The “customer” instructor started thanking my friend in a loud voice about what a wonderful lesson he taught, and how he, the “customer”, really appreciated all my friend’s encouragement and tips.  When the lesson was over, my friend got a tip from almost everyone in the class.

Although it wasn’t the best day 3 of a ski season, it was indeed a great day to spent with the instructors I’ll be working with for the rest of the season.


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