Day 4 – Snow Storm for 1 hour

It’s Day 4 and there was a snow storm… for about an hour – 9:45-10:45am (Sunday).  If you look at the photos from day 3, there has been natural snowfall over the last 2 days, and there were at least a few inches of Natural snow on top of the artificial snow.  Today we learnt the procedures for a zone camp.  It’s great to hear that our supervisors and managers are all pretty high level instructors and have worked at this ski resort for a number of years.  I also met Paul, someone I used to work with 2 years ago in another ski resort.  He’s a Level 3 ski instructor that taught me how to ski when I bought my first pair of skis (Rossignal Bandit B2).

Another story was told by an Australian Snowboard instructor.  Last season a family drove up to a certain ski resort in Australia from Melbourne.  This family has never seen snow before and were really excited when they got on the snow.  The grandparents, the parents and the little kids all carried baskets of food, games, napkins, and table clothes as if they were going to the park for a picnic.  They were definitely not prepared for the winter conditions.  Fortunately, it was a sunny day and was not too cold.  As they stroll across the snow in their sneakers, shorts, and flip flops, they spoted a picnic table.  They suddenly all looked really excited and rushed towards the picnic table and started setting up all their picnic supplies.  Little did they know the picnic table was in the Terrain Park where snowboarders and skiers jib on.  As this family were having the time of their life having a picnic in the snow, a line full of snowboarders and skiers were yelling at them from the top to get out of the way.  This family did not understand what all the commontion was about so they continued to enjoy their lunch and having great conversations with each other while the little kids throw frisbees and footballs around.  When the family was finally gone after a few hours, the snowboarders and skiers had an idea for a photograph.  They went home and grab a bunch of picnic supplies and set up the picnic table the same way the family did and have a few of the boarders and skiers sitting at the picnic table chatting and eating while one by one snowboarders and skiers jib on the table in front of them.  The photograph ended up in one of the local magazines of that town.  It’s definitely a great idea for a photoshoot.


2 Responses

  1. ROFL love the family munching on the jib… so funny! Cool blog, but man those pics are a little sad 😦 Looking forward to reading about your experiences this winter. You might also be interested in if you like park skiing at all.

  2. yup, been following grousepark and BYOP, heard there’s 24cm of new snow, looking forward to reading the blog by the new Grouse Park Blogospondents. hopefully the North Shore Mountains will be open this weekend.

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