Photos from around Vancouver


Coming home from snowboarding, I saw a car on Broadway with a snowman on top.  It snowed 2 nights ago, but most of it has melted.  It’s funny to drive around Vancouver with a snowman on top of the car.

Vancouver B.C. - Pacific Boarders

Vancouver B.C. - Pacific Boarders Window display

It’s interesting to see the new displays at Pacific Boarder in Vancouver (West Forth and Burrard).  It’s the Grinch on a motorcycle carrying a big bag of Christmas presents he has stolen.

Vancouver B.C. - a view of the Mountains from the city

After the big snow fall, the Mountains looked beautiful from the city.

and I found out I was linked to by (Grousepark – Grouse Park Sessions) – it’s really exciting to see jibbers coming to visit my blog from Grousepark.


One Response

  1. Hey! Glad I found your blog! Found it from twitter. (I’m Dino28, and superufilms, both, haha)

    I can follow what’s fun for snow in the west!

    Can’t wait to start my season, and I just bought my BC board (both my other boards are in Mtl) sunday. Still missing boots though.

    By the way, is my project, if you have snowboard films you did, upload them and enter in the Early Season contest! 🙂


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