Day 13 – “Why are you teaching in the middle of the trail?”

There were a ton of snow that fell over night, the Mountain Safety Crew were busy digging out a path to the Chalet and a bulldozer came to help too.

Mountain Safety Crew Shoveling Grouse Chalet Roof

It was another busy day of lessons for sure.  Since the hill just opened not too long ago, many are taking lessons to refresh their skills or to learn a new sport all together.  As I ride around the paradise bowl with my camera, I saw many tourists walking up and down paradise bowl taking pictures as well as many parents standing next to their kids while the kids take lessons.  I don’t know if it is a good thing or not for tourist / parents to share an area with skiers / snowboarders.  At Cypress the parents stand behind a fenced off area next to the “Easy Rider” Chair.  At Whistler, the beginners take the gondola up to an area where parents and tourists are not allowed to go.

Parents watching kids take lessons.

When I was teaching at Paradise Bowl, I saw a skier and her kid came down the hill really fast yelling at me.  She stopped and protested “Why are you teaching in the middle of the trail?”.  First of all, why is she skiing fast at a bunny hill filled with beginners and tourists?  Second of all, why is she yelling at me? maybe she is having a bad day and I was the first staff she saw.  Since I was trained to provide great customer service,  I smiled and explained to her this is the bunny hill meant for beginners and lessons, and I pointed her in the direction of the green run.

skier coming down fast on Paradise

teaching beginners

Busy Paradise

Teaching Beginners


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