Day 18 – Two Screws

It was a great day today because I got to teach 6 hours of snowboarding.  3 lessons back to back.

I am finally feeling better after sleeping about 11 hours last night.  My day started with a beginners’ lesson on Paradise Bowl with a few adults.  The snow is quite wet today because of the rain so it was easy to teach on.  My second lesson was with a kid from Edingburgh who has snowboarded 3 years on dryslopes but has never seen real snow until today.  He was having a hard time turning because he was taught differently on dry slopes.  After a few suggestions on his upper body movement, he started turning both ways and became really excited after the lesson and told his mom that he likes snowboarding on real snow much more than on dry slopes.  There were a few other teenagers in this lesson.  One of them had a loose binding so I lend her my Rachet for her to screw the binding tighter onto her board.  It turned out that there were only 2 screws in her binding out of the 4 that is supposed to be there.  No wonder she was having trouble controling her board.  The third lesson was with a few kids that love to go fast on their heel edge side slipping but don’t really care about turning too much.  We went down the Cut a few times and I stopped every few minutes and help each of them individually learning how to turn.  After each 15 minute session of learning how to turn they would get excited because we would go for 5 minutes of free riding in which I expected them to practice their turns.  The students, however, just stay on their heel edge and side slip the whole way with great speed without any traversing.  That’s the technique that they are good at so that’s what they enjoy.  A few of the kids did manage to do a few turns on their own near the end of their lesson, but they still prefered side slipping on their heel edge straight down the run.


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