Day 20 – Singles?

We had another big dump of snow overnight at Grouse Mountain so the Cut, Centennial, and the Peak was amazing though the fog was so dense that we were only able to see a few feet in front of us.  At one point I couldn’t even see the snow underneath my snowboard so I had to guess whether I was going uphill or downhill next.  Last year when the fog was this dense in mid March, I took a wrong turn on my last run and went back to Olympic instead of the Gondola ending up to be the last few riders on the mountain (which was a bit scary).

I went into the singles line at the chair lift today because the group line was half an hour long.  I joined a pair of girls in the groups line with the teenager behind me from the singles line to form a group of four for the quad chair.  The 2 girls asked us “singles?”  The teenager behind me said “yeah…” then he paused, then said “But…I have a girlfriend…”

I finally got to teach a snowboarder how to do tighter turns down a blue run today.  It is quite exciting because I got to ride powder with a student.  At one point when I was on my heelside looking back at my student’s turns while he was following behind me,  I caught an edge and tumbled a few metres down the hill.  Then I heard a little kid saying, “Mom..Look ! an instructor fell…”

When I was teaching skiing a couple of years back, our supervisor told us to fall in front of our students intentionally once in a while so students will see that instuctors are not perfect.  The theory was:  if an experienced skier falls down even after years of training, then it is only natural for a beginner skier to fall.


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