Day 25 – Last day of the Busy Season

Today is the last day before the crowds go back to school or work.


This morning I had a private request. My clients showed up at 8:30 yesterday morning so I decided to come a bit earlier just in case they arrive early again. I got on the tram at 7:30 with the FASP (First Aid Ski Patrol) and Tyee. When I got to the pro hut there were a foot of snow covering the front porch so I spent the next hour shoveling away the deep snow.

Ski School Lessons

Crowd on January 4th, 2009 at Grouse Mountain

My client came on time today.  He was psyched about the lesson today.  We went down the Cut on our first run and there were still some fresh untouched powder on the side so we ventured into that doing some jumps.

I got to go home early today because most of the skiers and snowboarders went home at around 2 pm to prepare for school and work tomorrow.  As I drove home, I saw some kids sledding down a slope in Cleveland Park.  That reminded me of Miss604‘s article on sledding on December 17, 2008.

Sledding at Cleveland Park

I could finally figure out how to use my new HD camcorder.  Looking forward to Friday (January 23rd) when I can go film the Park Jam at Cypress. (hope it will not snow on Friday, otherwise I’ll have to wait once again…it’s too bad the HD camcorder I got is not waterproof like my compact camera)

Self Portrait in the Mirrored Goggles of a kid

Self Portrait in the Mirrored Goggles of a kid

Sponsored by Nobody

I’m really into snowboard stickers, and this is by far the best sticker I’ve seen.

Burton Demo Tent

Burton Demo team was also here today, but I could not test out their new boards due to work.


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