Day off

I finally have a day off, decided to get lots of sleep and not go anywhere.  There were so much snow in Vancouver overnight.  There was a BMW stuck in my back lane, it turn out to be the friend of the niece of my neighbor.  She said her friends and her tried to push the car out all night with no sucess.  She called multiple towing companies and no one would come into the back lane.  As I drove around the city, there were a lot of drivers not paying attention to the road, one driver tried to come out of parallel parking stuck in between two thick walls of snow without looking, he almost ram into the car in front of me coming out of a busy street.  Another driver drove backwards really fast through a four way stop right in front of me in order to unstuck the car.   After the snow stopped, lots of neighbors came out to dig out their cars in order to go to work.


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