“Sick Board”

I got my snowboard, Burton Dominant, 2 years ago simply because it was the Snowboard Burton recommanded for park riding.  Since then, almost everyday I would hear people commenting on my board and ask how it is.  For myself, I like it because it is way lighter than my first board (Nitro) and much easier to do tricks with.  I could do butter continuously until I get dizzy on this board, 360’s off any small bumps in the snow are no problem at all.  Rails and Boxes are pretty fun to do on this board too.

Burton Custom Brew Binding (Beer Bottle Green)

I have a Burton Custom Brew Binding with “Beer Bottle Green” as its color.  It is the color of my favorite beer – Heineken.  The Highback also acts as a beer bottle opener, and when I ride the chair lift on high wind days, it whistles too.  I couldn’t really explain how great the Burton Dominant is since this is my first park board.  The video below from youtube is about this board that I love so much.

A week ago, there was a big snow dump at Grouse Mountain, so I did a few drops into the soft stuff and landed into lots of rocks sticking out.  You can see the result in the photo.  I can see the wood core of the board.

Landing on rocks at Grouse Mountain

and a zoom of the same photo

Zoom of my Board - you can see the Wood core

I’ll be bringing it to the shop tomorrow for some repairs.  In the mean time, I’ll have to take out my free ride Nitro board, really wide and heavy, great for speed and powder.


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