Day 28 – Hilarious Conversation with the Tram Operator

Yesterday I witnessed a hilarious conversation on the Grouse Mountain Skyride between a customer and the Tram Operator.  I know it is a stressful job because my cousin used to work in this position.  As the Tram Operator was going through his daily spiel about Grouse Mountain and the weather…

Tram Operator: “The Snow Report for yesterday was…”

12 year old Kid shouted : “THERE’S NO SNOW !! IT HAS BEEN RAINING !!”

Tram Operator: “Well…actually there was a dusting of snow overnight on Paradise and…”

12 year old Kid interrupted again: “NO !! THERE’S NO SNOW!! IT’S ALL MELTED!!”

Everyone in the Tram started laughing.

Tram Operator paused, feeling awkward, then said, “Aaaanyway…moving on…”

Grouse Mountain Skyride


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