Day 29 – Adventure Smart

In Response to Karl Woll’s posting at, I did an interview at Grouse Mountain on Saturday with the Adventuresmart Crew Rob and Torrie.  Rob introduced adventuresmart to me, their organization basically goes into schools and ski resorts to raise awareness of the Avalanche dangers in the backcountry and how to be prepared.  Torrie then did a demonstration for me.  She buried a beacon in the snow and told me not to look at where she buried it.  Then she taught me how to find it using another Avalnche beacon, probe, and shovel.  The beacon was actually quite accurate, I was able to dig a hole in the snow about a foot down and find the other beacon.

Adventure Smart Booth at Grouse Mountain

Adventure Smart Booth at Grouse Mountain - Rob

Safety Gears from Adventure Smart

Safety Gears from Adventure Smart

Vancity Allie recently commented on the skiers who were banned .  she “believes that if something happens to [her] in the backcountry, [she] can pay for [her] own search and rescue costs.(Source)”  I don’t think you should even go into a ski resort if you plan on breaking the rules.  Rules are there to keep you safe.  If I wanted to ski the backcountry, I would hike it rather than taking the chair lift.  There’s lots of parks in the province that have nicer backcountry skiing than the Northshore Mountains.  Even with proper training and years of experience, people still die from avalanches every year.  Why would you risk it at a time when avalanche danger is rated at an all time “high”?


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  1. Nice post! They do a lot of good work, its cool that you went to interview them. They’re a great resource, I remember emailing them a while back about safety courses, and they will basically provide lectures to any group who requests them. ie, schools, or even just a group of friends if you can get a large enough group going.

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