Day 51 – Powder and lot of it

Today (Feb 1, 2009) is the end of my first Zone camp of the season.  Above is a photo of my Zone camp kids and myself.  We have been practicing on our jumps and tricks for the last 3 weeks on ice and wet snow.  I’m so happy they finally got a chance to ride powder on the last day of the camp.  They get to go up bigger jumps without the risk of getting hurt.  The Snow has just been coming down all day.  We got 22 cm of new snow overnight.  This morning I took in another kid from Liem’s group because the kid was riding at a lower level than the rest of his group.

We started the day with paper trail where I showed them where all the jumps were and each of of them followed behind me and attempt to do the same jumps.  Everyone was laughing because when they fall, they are not hurting anymore, it is actually fun to fall into so much powder.  We then did “Popcorn” (aka Buckhorn), and then practice their turns on the cut.

One of my student was falling down all the time on her heel side turn for the last few weeks and she was scared of turning because of how much it hurts when she falls.  I recommended to her dad to get her some impact shorts for the tail bone and helmet so she’s not going to hurt herself falling on ice.  This week because of the new protective gear she is wearing, she became way more confident in her turns.  She went from only able to do 1 turn last week to doing 8+ turns continually without falling down.  I myself have been wearing bum pad, knee pad, and a helmet for the last 5 years and never go snowboarding or skiing without it.


2 Responses

  1. Sweet you so make me want to go up right now ….. I want to go out and enjoy the pow pow 🙂

  2. Where do you teach? SB or ski?

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