New Book: “Hollyburn” by Francis Mansbridge

The Mountain and the City" by Francis Mansbridge

I just bought a new book today, since the start of recession, I’ve been hesitent to spend any money on things I don’t need.  This book, however, captured my interest because I was a cross country ski instructor at Hollyburn (Cypress Mountain) for many years before switching to snowboarding.  There were lots of old photographs on the walls of Hollyburn lodge and the old bar in the Black Mountain Lodge (now closed to the public).  There used to be a ski jump in front of the Hollyburn lodge, a rope tow on one of the trails and people used to take days to go on a ferry and hike up to Hollyburn from Vancouver just to ski.  It is great that it is finally compiled into a book.  I’ll post more about it when I finish reading it.  Grouse has a rich history too.  I’ve seen it in a documentary in the “Theatre in the Sky” at Grouse Mountain, maybe there’s a book out about it too?


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