Day 60 – Slushy Moguls & Sharp Edges on Rock Hard Ice (Feb 19, 2009)

I took the day off today to practice my own skiing.  As I’m getting ready for the CSIA level 1 course, I’m skiing a lot more and riding much less.  I got up to Grouse Mountain at 12pm today and it was really hot.  The snow has become quite slushy so I decided to practice some black mogul runs today.  I have not gone down a black run since 2 years ago let alone a black mogul run.  As I talked about a month ago about how I went down Slash at Cypress Mountain on skis and had to take my skis off and slid down the hill on my butt during the ski lesson.  I was determined to try it on my own today so no one has to wait for me at the bottom of the run.

After warming up at Expo and the Peak (beautifully groomed slushy snow), I skied down from the top of hades to the intersection of Tyee Chute and Coffin, skied down blazers, cut back to Hades and skied to the Olympic Chair.  First time I went down, just side slipped the whole way, checking out what the condition is like, and that took me almost an hour to skied down the short run because I was freaked out due to how steep it was.  The second time I went down it I did 2 mogul turns, then side slip for a bit to gather up my courage agin to go for another 2.  After 5-6 runs, I could finally go down the moguls linking continuous turns.  It’s very similar technique compare to short-raidus turns on groomed runs except I just needed to face my fear and go down it.  at 3pm, the slushy moguls turned to crunchy moguls as the sun moves further west and the shadow from the trees covered the snow.  I decide to call it quits and stayed on the groomed runs for the rest of the day.

Middle of Hades (Grouse Mountain)

I ran into another instructor while skiing so we did the Peak and Expo a few times before the sunset.  David helped me sharpen my skis at the Rental shop to prepare for the training tonight.  I have not tuned up my skis since I bought it 2 seasons ago.  The edges has so many cuts in it and the base has some big gashes in it too (like my snowboard).  I decided to take it to Destination for a major tune up ($50.00 CDN).  It is so expensive but it was worth it because the base looked brand new after the fixes, the base-grind, and the waxing.

I went to training with a few CSIA level 4 trainers to go over what else I have to work on to improve my skiing.  Two things I have to work on is 1. exaggerated flexion / extension.  2. ski with one ski (inner or outer) during the turn.  If you see someone coming down the Cut on one ski this week, that’s probably me.

Beautiful Sunny Day at Grouse Mountain

Coffin (Grouse Mountain)

Photographer at Tyee Chute taking photo


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