Day 92 – Fresh Powder at Grouse

well, it’s the end of spring break for most, so there are absolutely no one on the hill, ok, maybe less than a hundred skiers/riders for 3 chair lifts, which means no line ups.  I got my CSIA level 1 two weekends ago and have been teaching 8 hours a day for 4 days last week.  So much snow has been coming down in the last few days that there is untouched snow everywhere yet the hill looks empty.  While most Australian / New Zealand instructors are preparing to go home for another winter season, I’m going to stay here and enjoy the beautiful Vancouver Summer.  Time to find another job and catch up on my blog and post photos and videos from the last 2 month or so.

I got my Snowboard Officials certificate level 1 last week and volunteered for my first Regional event – RBC Riders’ Snowboard Cross at Cypress Mountain.  It was for 6-14 year old kids and hosted by the First Nations Snowboard Team but open to everyone within the age category.  I volunteered as a gate judge, it was quite a fun event seeing little ones sideslipping all the way down the hill without a single turn and the older kids flying and carving between the flags.  I can definitely see some future Olympians in the competition.

The Quicksilver Showdown over the city is coming up on Friday and Saturday this week at Grouse Mountain, be sure to check it out, it will consists of 60 foot jumps and many big features you only see on snowboard DVD’s. They’ve already started building the jumps at the lower peak.

3 Responses

  1. You going to be posting summer buddy?

  2. You going to be posting this winter?

  3. yeah, man, as soon as the season starts, Orientation is this Saturday, there’s already 27 cm of snow up at Grouse, and that was Saturday, I’d imagine there’s way more snow now. Will be posting on this coming weekend.

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