Paddle Boarding at Windsure

Today my friends and I finally decided to try Stand Up Paddleboarding at my friend’s shop Windsure at Jericho beach in Vancouver.

I love surfing but hates windsurfing.  Stand Up Paddleboarding is a blend between the two.  Windsure is a windsurfing shop therefore they use Windsurfing boards without the sail for paddleboarding.  I tried windsurfing with them a couple of years ago but got stuck in the middle of English Bay without any idea how to get back to the beach upwind.  The instructor had to come out and rescue me.

Paddleboarding is actually from Hawaii.  The instructor said to find the sweet spot on the board, which is basically in the centre.  The day we went paddleboarding the weather was rainy and windy.  The shop owner kept telling us not to go out on the water because it will ruin the first-time-experience.  My friends and I wanted to try it anyway, figured it will be easier on calm water if we mastered SUP in wind and waves first.  BIG MISTAKE !! ok. maybe not so bad, just much harder to stand up since we had no idea what we were doing, I fell in a couple of times, the water was unusually warm.  My friend Josh was able to paddle the whole time without falling in.  Everyone else all fell in the water several times that day.  We actually saw 2 seals popping up beside my friend Belinda’s SUP board, one 6 feet behind, and one 2 feet in front, which is really close.  Good thing I got it all on video.


If you want to give it a try, I suggest going onto this youtube video first to learn the basics before you get on the board, it will make your learning curve that much faster.

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