Starting a Camp Fire in the Rain (Kawkawa Lake, Hope)

After Teapot Hill hike, we got to Kawkawa Lake and found out the province has lifted the fire ban so we decided to start a camp fire.  At first I tried to built a pile of small wood chips and some rolled up paper to try and start the fire, but it didn’t work because of the rain.  It was pouring rain so we decided to get Jessica the professional camp-fire started to help us start the fire.  Last summer Jessica worked at a summer camp where her job was to start the camp fire every night for the camp.  She had experience starting camp fires rain or shine, even in the snow.

She started by assigning jobs to each person: Chris started chopping wood; Al used a Swiss Army knife to cut out dry tinder for the fire; I was to find fuel (Paper and lighter); Some of the guys went and found fire wood while others prepare the food to be cooked on the fire.  Jessica start off by building a little rectangular fort using wooden sticks, she put some rolled up paper at the bottom and put cut up tinder on top of the paper in the shape of a pyramid, then she put the bigger chopped up wood around the fort so it can cover the fuel from the rain as well as dry out the bigger tree trunks.

She lit the paper on fire, then after several blow of oxygen to the paper, the fire went out.  She decided there weren’t enough oxygen so she took down all the bigger tree trunks and laid them on the side instead, this time after lots of patience, she finally got the fire going, and within 10 minutes of constant blowing, the bigger tree trunks finally got lit and the fire became pretty big.  This is definitely a skill that will come in handy in the wilderness, but for now eating smores around a camp fire ain’t so bad either.


Here is a video by Nutnfancy showing viewers how to build a fire in the snow


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