Mountain Equipment Co-Op

After a month of surfing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and Paddle Boarding, I figure it’s time to find a job, and thus, I submitted my resume to Mountain Equipment Co-Op today.  I figure I should say something about them since MEC is where I get most of my outdoor gears.  I will be including other outdoor sports aside from snowboarding from now on so I will be mentioning MEC quite a bit more.  They don’t really have too many selections of snowboarding gears in the shop because they specialize in back country equipments such as split boards.  I know lots of smaller stores such as Ecomarine and Deep Cove don’t really like MEC, but it’s still the most inexpensive place to get quality gear for outdoors people on a budget.  They also hosts several events through the year such as Paddle Fest and Bike Fest, which gives people all over Canada a chance to learn and test out equipments before purchasing them as well as to talk to designers and store owners.  Whether they hire me or not, MEC will remain my go-to store for outdoor equipments.

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