Hello, My name is Rocky, and I love the outdoors.  This blog enables me to talk about my love of Snowboarding and all the Outdoor activities I love to do in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have been working as a ski and snowboard instructor for the last 6 years in different resorts in Vancouver and Whistler.  My co-workers include many CASI, CANSI, and CSIA level 4’s who trains me.  This blog allows me to pass on that knowledge to the public.  There are also discussions on quality outdoor gears that I owned as well as some I wish I own.  This blog started as a snowboarding blog but since I couldn’t write about snowboarding in the summer, I have decided to include other outdoor activities I do during the year.  I will be documenting my trips for interested Vancouverites and tourist to look at before their own trips.  Other outdoor sports and gears discussed here will include kayaking, hiking, climbing, curling, and many different snow sports.


The videos, images, photographs, and contents on https://snowboardexperts.wordpress.com are intended for entertainment purposes only. By using this website, you agree that snowboarding is an inherently dangerous sport and that https://snowboardexperts.wordpress.com or its owners are not responsible for any injury, harm or ailment that results from reading, watching, or performing actions demonstrated on the website.

Actions shown in https://snowboardexperts.wordpress.com are performed by trained, professional snowboard instructors. Please consult a physician before beginning any physical activity.

Everything posted on this blog is snowboardexperts’ personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of his employer or his clients.


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  1. Cool blog and thanks for the other links.
    Sign up for our monthly newsfeed at http://www.westbeach.com for local happenings and other bonus stuff.!!!!!

    See you in the storm.

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