Day 9 – Vancouver Snowfall

Our Second Snow fall of the season came overnight and covered the city with half a foot of the white stuff.  As most Vancourites are not good at driving in the snow, the traffic was horrible.  An hour journey up to the ski resort took nearly 2.5 hours today.   Accidents were happening all over the city as I read twitters from many Vancouverites.  Tires were spinning, cars were sliding to the curb, and lots of people were getting stuck.  Nevertheless, for the ski resorts, it is heaven on earth; 2 foot of fresh powder plus a few inches overnight.  It was like snowboarding on untouched powder after each chair lift ride up.

December 17, 2008 Big Snowstorm in Vancouver

Since Cypress Mountain opens for Night Skiing today, I decided to check it out after work.  The Snow was just amazing, Cypress is a much bigger mountain (well…2 mountains – Black Mountain and Mount Strachan) than Grouse so there were a lot more powder to be had during the big snow storms.  I met up with my friends Markus and Jen and rode from 5pm-9pm.  The line ups were not too long (about 5-10 minutes).  It was -12 degrees so the snow was very dry.  The usual jumps were still there.  We were doing big jumps all night long and the powder totally cushioned our fall.  It was really windy at the beginning of the night.  On our way up Eagle Express chair, the chair lift suddenly stopped (for about 10 minutes).  My friends and I started discussing the Whistler Gondola Accident from Yesterday.  Even with the accident, snow lovers will continue to head to Whistler.

Paul Romein has an excellent video of the opening night on his blog (source: Paul Romain – First Day of Night Boarding).

A few days ago, I asked the question why some snowboarders wear dark or neutral color jackets, and some wear bright color jackets.  My friend Markus gave me a good answer to it because he had been thinking about it for awhile before purchasing his new Snowboard jacket last night.  He said that most people who snowboards does it once or twice a season, they want a jacket that they can wear on and off the hill.  They want a jacket that they can wear to work or to school and not stand out too much.   For myself, I spend 1/3 of the year on snow, a dedicated snowboard jacket is essential.

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