Day 10 – Sunny and Cold (-12 ºC / 10.4 ºF)

This morning as I was driving through Stanley Park, I saw that there were still so much snow on the trees and on the grass because of the cold temperature we’ve been having

Driving through Stanley Park (Dec 18, 2008)

I went to check out Cypress Mountain Cross Country Ski Area today before heading up for some snowboarding.  I figured I would take some photos of the area because of the beautiful Sunny temperature we’ve been having.  It is interesting to see how these fences were reinforced.  It must have been the result of yesterday’s strong winds.

Reinforce Fencing

The cross country ski area was chopping down a big tree today…maybe for firewood because of Recession?

Cypress Mountain - Chop Down Tree in XC

Cypress Mountain - Chop Down Tree in XC

Below are some photos I took of instructors teaching a class at the bottom of the Collins on Cypress Mountain.  If you look behind the snowboarders, there’s lots of plants showing through the snow.  For the last few years, there were enough snow to cover all those trees and shrubs before the first lesson has even been taught.  This year, however, the Black runs in the background of this picture are still closed.


Cypress Mountain - Collins

Some skiers, however, still venture into the out-of-bounds area in search of powder.  I am not sure if it is worth it to wreck your $1000 skis to enjoy a few minutes of powder with trees sticking out everywhere.

Cypress Mountain - Out-of-Bounds

It has been a good day, only 2 more days until my teaching starts.  Riding at Cypress Mountain again today.  the Terrain Park Staffs were working hard on the rails and setting up new funboxes.  There was supposed to be a Store Wars competition at Cypress tomorrow, but it has been moved because there simply was not enough snow.

Cypress Mountain - Terrain Park

Cypress Mountain - Chop Down Tree in XC


Cypress Mounatin Terrain Park Staffs - Prep for Store Wars

Cypress Mounatin Terrain Park Staffs - Prep for Store Wars

Cypress Mounatin Terrain Park Staffs - Prep for Store Wars

Finally, below is a pic of the Mountain I am teaching at this year.  It is located in the middle right side where the lights are.

Grouse Mountain - Lights

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