Day 11 – Coldest Day of the Year (Cypress = -20 ºC / -4 ºF)

Considering this is my last day to freeride at Cypress Mountain before the busy Christmas season begins, I decided to go up bright and early.  I did not expect how cold it was going to get.  I thought yesterday was cold, today was just freezing.  It was -20 ºC / -4 ºF at the base today.  It must have been even colder up top.  Even though I was wearing 2 neck warmers, I still could not feel my chin.  My chin was completely numb.  I had to go in and warm up after only an hour on the snow. both my batteries died within the hour even though they were both fully charged this morning.  Tomorrow I will start working everyday until the end of Christmas holidays.

I did, however, take a video of the terrain park, there were a lot more features in the park today, about 8 of them as oppose to 4. click on the video below to play it.

Day 10 – Sunny and Cold (-12 ºC / 10.4 ºF)

This morning as I was driving through Stanley Park, I saw that there were still so much snow on the trees and on the grass because of the cold temperature we’ve been having

Driving through Stanley Park (Dec 18, 2008)

I went to check out Cypress Mountain Cross Country Ski Area today before heading up for some snowboarding.  I figured I would take some photos of the area because of the beautiful Sunny temperature we’ve been having.  It is interesting to see how these fences were reinforced.  It must have been the result of yesterday’s strong winds.

Reinforce Fencing

The cross country ski area was chopping down a big tree today…maybe for firewood because of Recession?

Cypress Mountain - Chop Down Tree in XC

Cypress Mountain - Chop Down Tree in XC

Below are some photos I took of instructors teaching a class at the bottom of the Collins on Cypress Mountain.  If you look behind the snowboarders, there’s lots of plants showing through the snow.  For the last few years, there were enough snow to cover all those trees and shrubs before the first lesson has even been taught.  This year, however, the Black runs in the background of this picture are still closed.


Cypress Mountain - Collins

Some skiers, however, still venture into the out-of-bounds area in search of powder.  I am not sure if it is worth it to wreck your $1000 skis to enjoy a few minutes of powder with trees sticking out everywhere.

Cypress Mountain - Out-of-Bounds

It has been a good day, only 2 more days until my teaching starts.  Riding at Cypress Mountain again today.  the Terrain Park Staffs were working hard on the rails and setting up new funboxes.  There was supposed to be a Store Wars competition at Cypress tomorrow, but it has been moved because there simply was not enough snow.

Cypress Mountain - Terrain Park

Cypress Mountain - Chop Down Tree in XC


Cypress Mounatin Terrain Park Staffs - Prep for Store Wars

Cypress Mounatin Terrain Park Staffs - Prep for Store Wars

Cypress Mounatin Terrain Park Staffs - Prep for Store Wars

Finally, below is a pic of the Mountain I am teaching at this year.  It is located in the middle right side where the lights are.

Grouse Mountain - Lights

Day 7 – Grouse Mountain – Patches of Ice (Dec 15, 2008)

It’s been a bad day following a string of unfortunate events.

Ok, maybe not that bad.  Today I went up to Grouse Mountain for some night riding.  Since I had such a great experience on the opening day I brought my short park board with no edges thinking tonight will be just as fun.  I did a warm up run at the “Cut”.  I was following about 10 feet behind a 14 year old snowboarder, and all of a sudden, he fell and tumbled down the hill so I tried to steer around him.  Little did I know that we were both on a Big Sheet of ice on a pretty steep slope.  So the minute I got on my heel edge, I fell too and started sliding down the hill fast on my butt.  I tried many times to dig into the ice with my board to brake but it did little to slow me down.  After the big patch of ice, I sat there trying to figure out whether it was my board (with dull edges) or the fact my legs were still burning from riding in powder at Cypress yesterday.  Maybe I should have stretched.  As I sat there pondering these issues, I saw other snowboarders one by one either falling on their butt or tumbling down the hill like we did the minute they got onto the patch of ice.  Through the evening, I fell many more times on different patches of ice all over the hill, and now my wrist hurts.  I better start wearing my wrist guard again to prevent further injuries.

Aside from my falling down, it was a clear and beautiful night.

Groues Mountain Night Scene

I got to meet Mister and Mrs. Claus.

Groues Mountain Santa

It was -9 ºC  or  15.8 ºF.  The Snow Guns were pumping, just avoid the sections between the Snow Guns, that’s where the ice patches were.

Grouse Mountain Night Scene

Grouse Mountain Night Scene

Grouse Mountain Night Scene

The riders at the Terrain park on the opening day were all back in school so the Terrain Park seem pretty empty.

Grouse Mountain Night Scene

Grouse Mountain Night Scene

Grouse Mountain Night Scene

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