Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports (VASS) Challenge Cup (Feb 26, 2009) – Video

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Event hosted by VASS

Video of Mark Hopkins and Jess Sloss in Action at the VASS Challeng Cup at Grouse Mountain.  An Interview I had with Mark Hopkins will be posted later.

VASS Challenge Cup (Feb 26, 2009) @ Grouse Mountain

VASS video “gravity is your ally” produced by


VASS video “skiing removes barriers” produced by

My friend Jess‘s company GiantAntMedia produced the 2 videos above.  It is about the VASS Challenge Cup happening on Feb 26, 2009.  My friend Mark is a volunteer ski instructor with the VASS on Saturdays at Grouse Mountain.

Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports for Snowboarders @ Grouse Mountain
Snowboarders getting trained on operating a Sit-Ski

Don’t quote me on this, but it is apparently only at the beginning stages of developing a snowboard suitable for adaptive snow sports.  I attended one of the training for snowboarders on sit-skis.  It was said that it is really hard to control a sit-skis for volunteers on snowboards so they are constantly testing new ways of doing it.  For skiers it is easier to be the the tetherer because using a wedge they can control how fast the sit-ski is going, but for snowboarders doing S turns, if the sit-ski go out of control while a snowboarder is on the toe edge, it is likely the snowboarder will catch an edge on the heel side and fall down the hill backwards.  Some snowboarders suggested tying the tether to the waist but the instructor commented that if the sit-ski go out of control, it is easy for a snowboarder to throw out his or her back.  imagine someone tying a rope to your waist and suddenly pull forward with great force without giving you any warning.

Please correct me (in the comments) if anything I said here is wrong.  This is merely my opinion and most likely it is not accurate as I only listened in for 10 minutes or so.  The volunteers, however, are very dedicated and doing a great job of helping others.

Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports @ Grouse Mountain

Vancouver Adoptive Snow Sports @ Grouse Mountain

I have taken only a couple of photographs (above) on the VASS at Grouse, be sure to support the VASS ( by attending the February 26 event at Grouse Mountain, donating money to them, or by giving your time to become a volunteer!!

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